Sunday, December 28, 2008

Upside Down

Here is my son standing on his head on the couch. He loves to do that and giggle, giggle, giggle.

Poop Loops

My son loves to eat dry Fruit Loops cereal but can't say Fruit. He always pronounces it "poop". Whenever he asks for Fruit Loops, he always asks for Poop Loops. I did the layout but my mom had the idea to have him reaching for some Fruit Loops that we put in a CLEAN diaper, lol. I think it turned out cute! There's another story for his future wife, lol. You can't see it in the picture, but I stickled all of the purple circles and also the lettering in the layout. I also lightly stickled the green Prima flower and added some bling to the center of it.

Only You

I love this picture of my daughter. She is so beautiful!

Another one of my first layouts

Another one of my first layouts. No cricut yet, but you gotta love acrylic paints, lol!


I love these pictures of my daughter smiling and laughing. She is even missing a couple of her teeth and other ones have started to grow in. I think that makes it even cuter.


This is a layout of my son when he first started wearing pullups. There is a really funny story that I journaled about the pictures on this layout. A story that I am sure he will never want his future wife to hear, lol.

Going Undercover

My son has a thing for wearing things on his head. He's used bowls, clothing, different hats and all kinds of other things.


Here is my son in time out and standing in the corner. You would have thought I had done something extremaly cruel to him the way he was crying over it. It really did break my heart. I guess the saying that my parents always used to tell me is true. They used to tell me, "This hurts me more than it does you". I believe they were right, lol.

Dandelions for Dinner

I usually use lots more embellies on my layouts but wanted to do something simple with clean lines. I really like how this turned out and may do these kinds of layouts a little more often.


I caught my daughter outside doing flips and got a picture of it before she knew it.

Another one of my first layouts

Another one of my first layouts. I made the little cars at the bottom using a stamp and acrylic paint. Thank goodness I eventually got a cricut, lol.

Learning to Skate

This is my daughter's first time on skates.


Here is a layout of my son trying to take his socks off. He was only3 and it took him awhile to wrestle them off. It was so funny watching him!

Christmas 2007

This layout has pictures from Christmas 2007.

Another one of my first layouts

One of my first layouts.

Elephant Nose

For awhile, my son had to be on breathing treatments every few hours. He used to hate doing it until I started calling it his elephant nose. After that, he couldn't wait to wear his elephant nose while getting his treatment.

Cherish (son's album)

This is a layout for my son's album. I really like this one.

Cherish (Layout for daughter's album)

This is one of the first layouts I did. I used acrylic paints because I didn't have my Cricut yet.

My Daughter's First Haircut

This is a layout of my daughter's first haricut. She was 2 years old before I had to get her one. She was born with tons of hair and eventually it all thinned out and she was almost completely bald for awhile. You can see in the pictures that she still didn't have a lot of hair on the sides. Now at 10 years old, she has lots of beautiful hair.

Broken Arm

This is a layout of my daughter when she broke her arm. She fell off of the balance beam at school and broke her arm and wrist in 3 places. I took 2 pictures. One of her with her broken arm and one of the balance beam just for this layout. You can't really tell, but the letters are stickled in red, the flower is chipboard and the journaling box is layered with pop dots.

Hugs and Kee-ses

I made this layout of my son and daughter giving each other a kiss. Whenever my son says, "I want a kiss", he pronounces it "kees" like "keys". You can't see it in this picture, but the letters have been stickled. I really like how this layout turned out.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I'm new to the blogging world and am just figuring this out. I'll be adding pics over Christmas break so stay tuned.